Hood Petz is a leading USDA licensed hedgehog breeder in Florida

We ask several questions for you to contact us

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS must be met in order for hedgehogs to live and thrive.  Hedgehogs have special dietary, temperature, and caging requirements.  They also have a unique personality type and are not the right pet for everyone.

We love all of our animals.  It is important to us that they go to new homes with owners who are educated and who fully understand what to expect and how to provide proper care.  We do not do come to your home for an inspection, so the answers that you provide are all we have to determine if you are a suitable hedgehog owner.
If you are not willing to answer these questions, we are not willing to send one of our babies home with you.

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The reason you will not find our phone number or direct email address on this website is the overwhelming amount of spam and solicitation that comes with the info being listed.
Please accept our apologies if this inconveniences you but it is very necessary, unfortunately! :(