Hood Petz

A leading and licensed hedgehog breeder in north Florida.


You must be 18 or older to purchase a hedgehog from us.  Identification is required for ALL purchases.  No ID, No Hedgehog, No Exceptions.

Health Guarantee

We guarantee that all hedgehogs sold by us are free from any known and undisclosed illnesses or defects.
We provide our buyers with lifetime support.
All buyers must have their new hedgehog examined by a licensed veterinarian who is experienced with hedgehogs within 5 business days of the date of purchase and return the vet card (that we provide) to us.  Failing to do so will nullify any/all guarantees.

In the unlikely event that a hedgehog sold by us is found to have a life-threatening congenital defect or WHS, he/she will be replaced with a hedgehog of equal value (based on current age) as soon as one is available and once we have received the original hedgehog and documentation from the veterinarian confirming such a diagnosis. We reserve the right to a conference with the diagnosing veterinarian for confirmation.  We reserve the right to a second opinion, at our expense.  Replacement does not include shipping cost.

In the unlikely event that a hedgehog sold by us should die from causes other than geriatric related illness, the buyer is expected to have a licensed veterinarian, who is experienced with hedgehogs, perform a necropsy to determine the cause of death.  If it is determined that the cause of death was a congenital defect or WHS, we will replace him/her with a hedgehog of equal value (based on age at time of death) as soon as one is available and once we have received the necropsy report and any other accompanying documentation from the veterinarian, confirming cause of death.  We reserve the right to a conference with the diagnosing veterinarian for confirmation.  We reserve the right to a second opinion, at our expense.  Replacement does not include shipping cost.

We make no guarantees regarding cancers of any type as we believe that many cancers are caused by artificial preservatives and other chemicals in commercial pet foods and/or as a direct result of poor environment, poor diet and poor hygiene.

We reserve the right to request that your veterinarian consult with Dr. Terry Spraker, DVM, Ph.D. regarding any diagnosing of WHS.

PLEASE NOTE:  No replacement will be given without documentation of the illness/death by a licensed veterinarian who is experienced with hedgehogs.  If you are unable to have a necropsy performed, please contact us immediately about returning the remains to us so that we may have the necropsy performed; in which case no replacement will be given regardless of cause of death.
We are not responsible for any medical expenses except:  A conference between Hood Petz and the diagnosing veterinarian for confirmation, a second opinion that is at our request, a necropsy that we offer to have performed with no replacement hedgehog.
Special Note:
It is very important to notify the breeder when an animal dies from any condition that is known/suspected to be genetic or hereditary.

If a payment is sent and we (Hood Petz) later determine that the sale is not in the best interest of the hedgehog, the seller, or the buyer, the payment will be refunded in full. This refund is ONLY in the event that it is our sole decision to cancel the sale and that our decision was not based on deception on your part.
If you have completed our Contact Form and were deceptive about your age, your residence in a legal state, whether or not you currently own hedgehogs, your intentions regarding breeding, or who the actual intended owner of the hedgehog is/will be, we will not refund the full payment regardless of whether or not it was our sole decision.  It is has been determined that you were deceptive when completing the contact form, the $50.00 deposit amount will be retained and the remainder will be refunded.

We consider failure to provide the hedgehog with the required temperatures of 75°F - 80°F, to be a form of abuse, which will nullify this guarantee.
We consider failure to offer a proper diet (consisting of LIVE insects a minimum of 2 days per week) to be a form of neglect, which will nullify this guarantee.
We will not replace any hedgehog that dies/becomes ill as a result of any form of neglect/abuse; including, but not limited to:
 - The above mentioned temperature and dietary requirements
 - Gastric or intestinal impaction caused from consuming freeze dried insects
 - Allergic reaction of any type
 - Broken bones, injuries, and the like
 - Infections including but not limited to respiratory, skin, urinary, etc.

We discourage impulse buying of hedgehogs. If you have not researched hedgehogs, you are not prepared to care for one.
We discourage giving hedgehogs as a gift to a child. Owning a hedgehog is a responsibility and requires diligent feeding, cleaning, handling and monitoring to ensure that the needs of the animal are met.
We discourage buying multiple hedgehogs for multiple children. Hedgehogs are solitary animals and must be housed separately.  We strongly feel that 1 hedgehog can be an ideal pet for the whole family and having only 1 allows for sharing the responsibilities.

NOTE:  Our hedgehogs are sold as PETS ONLY and you will sign a legal and binding "no breeding" contract at the time of purchase.
We work with a select group of licensed breeders across the U.S.  If you are a licensed breeder and would like to purchase breeding stock, please mention it in the comments on our Contact Form.

Deposits / Payments

A $50.00 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a baby hedgehog.  Available adults must be paid in full to be reserved.
Once received, the $50.00 deposit amount is deducted to the total price.
By placing a deposit, you are agreeing to our policies.
Deposits can be paid in CASH person, online via PayPal or you can mail a money order.  The hedgehog is not reserved until the payment is received.
Once a deposit has been received, the hedgehog will be marked RESERVED for "Your Name".
No hedgehog will leave Hood Petz until any/all online payments or money orders have cleared.
If a hedgehog is being shipped, shipping will not take place nor be scheduled until payment in full for the hedgehog AND shipping is received and has cleared.


  • A 5% fee is added to ALL online payments.
  • Payments sent using credit card, debit card, or PayPal balance are applied instantly.
  • E-checks take several days to clear.  If your pick-up/delivery is in less than 10 days, please DO NOT pay by e-check.  If you send an E-check payment, the pick-up/delivery may have to be rescheduled which may result in added fees.

NOTE REGARDING PICK UP:  Once a deposit or payment has been received, it is expected that you will pay in full and pick up your hedgehog within 7 calendar days with the exception of babies not yet weaned.  For un-weaned babies, it is expected that you will pay in full and pick up within 7 calendar days of the weaning date and/or notification that the baby has weaned.


All visitors are by APPOINTMENT ONLY.

If you've scheduled an appointment and you are unable to make it, please let us know.
We've blocked off the scheduled time just for you and may have changed our own plans or turned away others to accommodate you.  Please be considerate.

If you're going to be late, please let us know.
If you've scheduled an appointment and you are going to be significantly late, please consider that it disrupts everything we have scheduled from that point on.  We understand that traffic can cause delays and we are pretty flexible but if it is going to disrupt our schedule by more than an hour we need to know and may prefer that you reschedule.

While in our home:

  • Your children are welcome to come to the appointment with you but please talk to them and ask them to have a seat and be respectful of the conversation that the grown-ups are having.  If we are unable to communicate vital information to you, the appointment is not likely to result in a sale.
  • If you are in our home and handling a hedgehog, be aware that hedgehogs poop.  If the hedgehog poops on you, we are more than happy to give you napkins, antibacterial hand gel, and access to our restroom to clean up.  If the hedgehog poops on the floor or furniture, please either clean it up or bring it to my attention so that I may clean it up.  Please do not just leave it or smear it in.  I do my very best to offer a clean and presentable environment for appointments and it is appreciated if potential buyers do not make that task difficult.
  • Please respect the partition (room divider) in the office.  It is in place to ensure that we have a quiet place to have our appointment.  If you peek around it our dogs will spot you and the appointment will suffer.

We are asking for the most basic courtesy and respect.  Thanks!

If you're interested in purchasing a hedgehog for your child please consider the following:

  • Hedgehogs are NOT an ideal pet for small children.  The quills ARE sharp and if the child gets stuck, they may drop and/or injure the hedgehog.
  • Hedgehogs are easily startled by noise and movement.  If your child is not calm, the hedgehog is not going to be very social.
  • If your child is not likely to do the cleaning, are YOU willing to care for the hedgehog?  Are you willing to pick it up and clean the enclosure?  If not, please do not purchase a hedgehog for your child.
  • Has your child researched hedgehogs?  Will he/she be able to recognize signs of illness or injury?  If not, will you be willing to check on the hedgehog every day?  If not, please do not purchase a hedgehog for your child.


We do our best to ensure that every hedgehog that leaves us is matched with a suitable owner.  We would like to see every animal go to a forever home but we do understand that sometimes circumstances can leave some pet owners with no choice but to re-home or return their pet.

We REQUIRE that our buyers notify us in the event that they are unable to keep their hedgehog.  We reserve the right to take the hedgehog back rather than the buyer sending it to a new owner that we have not screened.  For that reason, we have one of the best return policies that you will find among animals breeders.

If the hedgehog is returned to us in good health, the following section outlines our return policy.
Within 7 calendar days of purchase - 80% refund of the purchase price
8 - 14 calendar days of purchase - 65% refund of the purchase price
15 - 30 calendar days of purchase - 50% refund of the purchase price
31 - 45 calendar days of purchase - 35% refund of the purchase price
45 - 60 calendar days of purchase - 20% refund of the purchase price
After 60 days, no refund is given, but are always happy accept the hedgehog as a rescue.

Refunds are offered in cash at the return of the hedgehog.
Shipping charges and delivery fees will not be refunded once those services have been provided to you.

No refund will be given for any hedgehog that is returned to us ill.
No refund will be given for any hedgehog that is returned to us injured.