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A leading & licensed hedgehog breeder in Florida since 2006

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Located in Middleburg, Florida, 32068

<span style=">Updated 05/20/19
With the great prices on the internet for hedgehog supplies, we've decided to scale back the supplies that we carry on site.

Supplies that we currently have on site:

Heat Lamp & Ceramic Emitter - $30.00 ea
Fluker's 8.5 inch clamp lamp with dimmer switch and 1 ceramic emitter that produces only heat (no light).
Comfort Wheels - $9.00 ea
12 inch, plastic wheel, metal stand.
Flying Saucer Wheels - $20.00 ea
12 inch, low profile, all plastic.
Cake Walk Wheel - $9.00
13 inch, plastic wheel, pvc stand.
Comfort Wheels - $17.00 ea
12 inch, plastic wheel, metal stand.
Food Bowls - $0.50 ea
Variety of types and sizes.
Snuggle Sacks - $10.00 ea
Handmade (not by us) cloth snuggle sacks.  Variety of colors, patterns, fabrics and sizes.
Water Bottles - $1.00 ea
Variety of types and sizes.
Accessories Package - $5.00 ea
8 oz. water bottle, plastic insect bowl, choice of kibble bowl (ceramic, glass, stainless)
Litter Pan Package - $5.00 ea
Litter pan and 2 fills of pelleted litter.
Cages - $15.00 ea
Suitable for guinea pigs or small rabbits.  Not suitable for hedgehogs in our opinion.

We will continue to carry digital thermometers to send home with our babies.  We feel very strongly that every hedgehog owner needs a thermometer.